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NANCY SHIFFRIN earned her Master of Arts degree in English studying with Anais Nin. She earned her PhD at The Union Institute studying Jewish-American women authors. Her writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, New York Quarterly, Earth's Daughters, Lummox Journal, The Canadian Jewish Outlook, A Cafe in Space, Religion and Literature, Shofar, and numerous other publications. She has received awards and honorable mentions from The Academy of American Poets, The Poetry Society of America, The Alice Jackson Foundation, The Dora Teitelboim Foundation, and most recently first prize in the Angela Consolo Mankiewicz Poetry Contest Lummox Journal 2019.


For signed inscribed copies and information about Creative Writing Services helping aspiring writers achieve publication and personal satisfaction reach Nancy at:


Nancy Shiffrin

2309 Santa Monica Blvd #716
Santa Monica, CA 90404